Christie Zhao

Theatre director, producer, interdisciplinary artist

Christie Zhao 赵元媛 (She/Her) is a theatre director, an interdisciplinary artist, and an art leader. She currently serves as the artistic director at Yun Theatre in Seattle. Besides being a creative leader, she also worked as a performer, a stage manager, a dramaturg, a light designer and a sound designer.

Growing up in a working-class family in an industrial city in China made her acutely aware of class dynamics and her family’s position in the social whole from a very young age. Discovering theater in college, she pursued a double degree in Computer Science and Drama. This unconventional combination merged technology with her creative soul.

Her aesthetic can be described as bold, socially conscious, and thought-provoking. She gravitates towards works that tackle complex social issues, explore identity and culture, and challenge conventional narratives. Her aesthetic values storytelling that sparks conversations, sheds light on underrepresented perspectives, and pushes boundaries. She is passionate about documentary theatre and new work development.


6/25 – 6/26

12 Minutes Max | Performance Lab

Work in Progress

Monologues of n Women: a documentary/devised theatre piece about Chinese women