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Monologues of n Women Christie's directing portfolio
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Monologues of n Women

Directed by Christie Zhao
Written by Siming Lu, Melanie Zeng, Christie Zhao

Monologues of n Women is a new Chinese-American devised theatre work, comprised of eight stories that dissect the ordeals that many women have faced, such as sexual assault, unrealistic body standards, and the rigidity of societal expectations.

An ensemble of seven Chinese-American actors portrays the devisers who helped bring the show to life, walking through their individual experiences as women who have lived in both China and the West. Together, they realize that these are, in fact, universal experiences shared amongst many women – they are not alone.

Through a combination of theatre, dance, original music, and poetry, Monologues of n Women not only explores the difficulties and hopes that women face in modern-day society, but also provides a platform for open conversation for audiences of all cultural backgrounds.

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